Vision Precedes Preparation

Leaders see more than others, and Leaders see before others” – John Maxwell often says. Regardless of what you are getting ready to do, you must have a vision before you start. Learning on the fly, faking it until you make it, just doesn’t work anymore. If you are planning on leading an organization, a club, a small group, or anyone in particular, it is up to you to have a vision of the expected outcome. 

When I say vision, it could be as simple as; ‘when we get through this meeting you will all have this knowledge, or be prepared to do this certain thing’. Vision should be clear, the way forward, and the reason. How can you prepare for an event, or a meeting, without clear purpose? Are you meeting just to meet? Did you bring this organization together for any other reason than to get together? 

Many of you will be setting the agendas for conferences, golf outings, annual sales meeting, and many other events this coming Spring and Summer. What is the vision of that event? What do you want to say? Who do you want to connect with? As a leader, you want to influence the outcome of that event. After you create your vision for that specific event, make sure the agenda supports it, and nothing else. 

Clear Vision

Your message needs to be very clear throughout the event. Conflicting or confusing messages can lead to discontent. If you are gathering for the sole purpose of camaraderie, then don’t mix in a session on education. Stay on task, stay true to the agenda, and make sure you communicate this vision to the attendees. Having them show up without any preparation themselves, they will all have different expectations. Make sure that the vision, or theme, of the meeting is known in time for them to reset their expectations.

What does the organization need? Where is it heading? You, as a leader, must have this information. Asking opinion is one thing, but letting the ‘group’ decide the agenda makes for disaster. We have all been to that meeting that was a waste of time, energy, and money. Everyone of us also has been to an event that hits on all cylinders. Think about what makes those successful, and you will find the common theme of the 5 P’s. Proper – Planning – Prevents – Poor – Performance. And the planning and preparation only support the vision. Try to jam too much into a gathering, and you dilute the power of getting together.


Many of my blogs talk about the concept to Masterminding. In short; it is when like-minded individuals get together for a sole purpose. Your internal conferences, and meetings should be offering just that. You have the like-minded group, it is up to you to supply the sole purpose. Try not to get caught up in the idea that we only get together one time a year, we need to fit in as much as possible. Focus, be clear, have a sole purpose for the meeting. Make a significant impact with these like-minded people. Use the power of the mastermind to develop an energy and motivation around your vision.

You can be assured that if you set a simple agenda, with clear expectations, and then meet those .. your meeting will be a success. 

At Pinnacle Sales, we can help you craft your vision. Although we are not event planners, we can help you develop that vision and theme for your next successful event.