The ABC’s of Goal Setting

Here is a quick tip on how not to set goals. Do not use the ABC Method.

A – verage

B – elief

C – an

D – estroy

E – very

F – uture

G – oal

We are all looking for the quick wins, and the easy way out. One thing we need to make sure you do before setting a goal … DREAM. Get your mind thinking about everything you want to be, do, or have. Stretch your mind, and then pick one of those things and make it a goal.

Don’t go for the average. Why look for normal growth? Normal growth doesn’t buy that lake house. Exceptional growth does!

I am not asking you to be realistic, but please don’t strive for average. You want to be on the right side of the bell curve.

Do you want to just be normal? Or do you want to be skewed to the right of this curve?

Striving for average develops mediocrity and complacency. As a leader, you want to set the tone by not following the ABC’s. Be exceptional, be big, shoot for greatness.

Shooting for the stars

I don’t believe in setting goals that are unreachable. But think about what is possible, not what everyone can do. You will only achieve greatness if you aim for it.

Leaders, as you set goals for your organization you must do the same. How can you double sales? The average company takes 10-years, why can’t you do it in 3? Measure yourself against the top performers in your industry. 

Get the most out of your employees and team by expecting it. 

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