Planning out your New Years Resolutions?

Planning out your New Years Resolutions?

I am going to start with a statistic you don’t want to read.
81% of New Years Resolutions fail before the end of January!

Why is that? 

It’s because we haven’t learned how to set & achieve goals. As a Ziglar Certified Trainer, I have learned the secret to setting and achieving goals. I am part of the 3% of the entire population that utilize a formal goals program. My success rate is not 100% yet, but I am dangerously close to meeting that. 

Businesses, Organizations, Non-Profits, Associations
If you are manager and have a team of individuals that you want bring this to, we can set up a private workshop (2-3 hours) on Goal Setting. Did you know that after a 12-year study of over 20,000 businesses, setting Goals & Objectives properly was found to be the #1 reason that companies and teams were successful!  Normal pricing for a group of 10 or more is $2,400, and we are offering this workshop for $1,500 if you order before the end of January!  Contact me to reserve a day and time!

Speaking at the Ross School of Business

As a business coach, I work with organizations and groups helping them define corporate objectives, and filtering them down throughout the organization! If you are a CEO, Manager, or Team Leader, and you are looking to get your team going in the right direction, CONTACT ME to work out the details on a private workshop for your group.

One on One Coaching – Special! 
How successful have you been setting and achieving New Years Resolutions? Do you want to learn how? If so, email me at:  If you act before January 5th, I will set a private 1 on 1 Goal Setting Session with you (phone or in person) for a one time only cost of $79. You will receive a workbook and a direct coaching session with me, an authorized Ziglar Certified Legacy Trainer. 

Real Estate Professionals
We have a lot of Real Estate Brokers and Agents that read my blog. Keep in mind, Pinnacle Sales has been approved by CE Marketplace to offer a version of the Goal Setting for Realtors! This will earn you 1 continuing education credit in the State of Michigan! 

The Goal Setting and Achievement program can be delivered numerous ways. We have a 30-minute lunch & learn, 90-minute seminar / webinar, and 2-3 hour workshops. We have customized this so that it can be delivered in numerous fashions! 

Regardless of what program you choose to set your New Years resolutions, you will be highly more likely to meet them if you use a formal system!  Pinnacle Sales has delivered this workshop to countless numbers of people, businesses, and organizations that are all enjoying those benefits!

Will 2017 the year you meet your goals?

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