Half a Dome Maybe, Full Integrity Absolutely

Majestic is the first word that came to mind as we pulled over to take our first pictures at Yosemite National Park. Traveling with great friends who were our tour guides for the weekend, made it even more special. This was my first view of Half Dome, some 8,800′ in elevation. And this was the beginning of my new educational experience which brought meaning to the word integrity. 

Today is Fathers Day in the US, and integrity is the first word that comes to me when I think of my Dad. A man of solid character, honest, hard-working, and a quiet strength that I admire so much. My Father has been the example I have modeled my entire life. 

How does Half Dome, Yosemite, and my Father tie together you may be asking? And why are you writing about all this in a business leadership blog? 

Great questions, here are the answers:

Over that wonderful weekend in Yosemite, our friends gave us the trip of a lifetime. Every stop had a history for them as my good friend Ed had climbed each rock face in the entire valley some 30+ years ago. His knowledge of the valley, and the geological history was deep (no pun intended). Ed gave us the history of the valley in geological terms. I was amazed to hear that this formation of solid granite, and all the peaks of the various mountain tops we see in this picture are all ONE SOLID piece of granite. Not only what we see in this picture, but it’s one piece of rock for the entire length of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. 

I will not try to impress you with too many details, but here are a few. The range is over 24,000 square miles, and approximately 400 Miles long. One piece of granite, all standing firm against the elements. The formation has not changed over time. A picture millions of years ago would show this same view. 

That is Leadership. Standing strong against the elements. Not changing course because things got too hot. One piece of granite. And that is my Father as well. 

Integrity is this. It is solid, one piece. Integrity makes up the foundation  of ones character. When a leader has a character of granite, and his life as we see it resembles this picture, you will follow it to the ends of the earth. 

Where do we find leaders like this? Hopefully in your home. It’s a good place to start. You might not span millions of years in time, but your integrity, and your legacy can. 

Happy Fathers Day