When Summer Starts, Do You Stop?

Ahhh … it’s summertime! The time to regenerate, rejuvenate, and relax. Most of us will take a vacation of some sorts. You may not be able to leave town, and may not even get time off of work, but summer means slow pace for most of us. We worked hard from September to May/June, and traditionally things just slow down a bit for these 8-12 weeks.

This weekend kicks off the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day!

Just because summer is starting, will you stop? Will you use this as an excuse to stop working on yourself?  If you truly want to regenerate, rejuvenate, and rework yourself, isn’t this the best time to grow? How many of you will pick up a personal development book to read while you are on the beach? Will any of you take an extra day off and go to a professional seminar? Maybe see a motivational speaker?

We have conditioned ourselves to work so hard for someone else from September to June. We have always looked at July and August as OUR months. If they are truly OUR months, then what are you doing to help YOU? Do you want to get ahead? Do you want to stay ahead? These are the times where you can make a difference in YOUR future.


This reminds me of my time playing high school football. Over the summer, 90% of the team took that time off. They didn’t run, lift, exercise, or condition. When hell week started, they were the ones complaining, aching, and found bent over gasping for air. For the 10% of the team that did a little bit each week from June to Mid August, they were ready. They may have walked an extra mile or two each day, took a jog 2-3 x’s per week, or continued their exercise program. This 10% that had an edge going into the season. It wasn’t a coincidence that they were also the starters on the team.

The motivation of working a little bit during the summer months might only have been so they didn’t lose their lunches while running sprints in August. But what this group found was, the extra work paid off. They were a little trimmer, faster, stronger, and much readier for the season. The payoff was that they were ahead of the others, and the coaches noticed it. 

Do you want to be on the starting team?

If you spent one-hour a week to improve your leadership skills, your sales abilities, or just focused on your work-life balance, what do you think you could accomplish? What is your conditioning plan? Will you be ready to hit the ground running when things pick back up in the fall?

When you get back to full swing in September in your offices, do you want to have an edge on your competition? Well then, here is your chance. Pinnacle Sales will be offering several specials for you to work on yourself this Summer. We are going to offer every one of these as a video conference so that you can join from wherever you are in the World. Join from your living room, poolside, or as you lounge on the beach. Here are several programs that you can take advantage of and the links to those for more information.

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Becoming a Person of Influence – $229 for the entire class!

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Live-to-Win – $397

  • Jump into this 8-week long group coaching session and focus on your work-life balance – Click here to learn more about this outstanding Ziglar program. You can get a great start in 8-weeks, and if you join now, you can get 52-weeks of weekly coaching opportunities, downloads, and recordings … 

Watch a Documentary!

  • Okay, you want to veg out and not work too hard at this, but still learn some valuable lessons! CLICK HERE to get a great documentary on Zig Ziglar! 


There are many ways you can help yourself and enjoy the process! These are just a few ways that we can help at Pinnacle Sales. Remember, our guiding principle is continuous improvement. If it is not a goal of yours, you won’t be a client of ours!

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