Mike's Bio

Mike Kole has traveled the globe in parallel roles as a business leader and an executive coach. The Kole Performance Group, founded in 2001 as a sales training company, also represented firms developing and manufacturing Automotive and Industrial components, Electronics, OEM Consumer goods, and Medical Devices. Having business meetings and coaching sessions in 20 Countries and 44 States, he has become very adept at working with multiple and diverse cultures.

Over the years, Mike has obtained certifications from the John Maxwell Company and Zig Ziglar Organization and has also become a DISC Consultant. He has a passion for leadership and continuous improvement. The coaching relationships he has developed all stem from his innate ability to listen and ask deep questions. He is honored and proud of the many recommendations that he has had, like this one:

"I have worked with Mike for many years. The hidden secret is that Mike is omnipresent. His coaching is present 24/7 in my life by being the invisible conscious, reminding me of my goals. I often catch myself asking 'What would Mike ask me?" – Manu Shahi, CEO of "The Homework Café.

Mike has earned an MBA from the University of Detroit, has attended Multiple Executive MBA Sessions at the University of Michigan, and has been honored to be a Professor of Leadership and Strategic Management courses at Northwood University.

Born and raised in the Detroit area, Mike has been married to his wife Joy (who he met on a blind date) since 1990. They built their family in Belleville, having two children and two grandchildren. Family first and striving for that balance in life, Mike walks his Labrador Oliver three or more miles daily to maintain an active and healthy life.