"Powers Distributing invested in the Kole Performance Group and did not regret it. Michael Kole delivered exactly what he promised, which was an environment for our management team to unplug from their everyday whirlwind and connect on a different level. Michael introduced and reinforced timeless leadership skills and philosophy that we were able to apply immediately. It was a pleasure to team up with a real industry professional!"

John Brennan - Chief Culture Officer, Powers Distributing

"I was very fortunate to have been able to attend Mike Kole’s Mastermind Group. Mike led our group through many discussions that made me think critically about my position and the affect that I have on my staff and clients. He led the group so every person could be heard.  Mike had us dig deep to see the “big picture” of how important leadership is, not only with a large company but also one on one in helping develop our staff, and even when leading ourselves. Mike is a true example of great character, integrity and he truly is a servant leader.  He has a passion for helping others succeed and it shows in his work.  I have recommended colleagues to Mike in the past and hope to attend more of Mike’s events in the future."

Susan Cobello - AVP Branch Manager, Monroe Bank & Trusts

"Mike has been my coach and mentor for years. I have been extremely lucky to know him and have followed his advice to great success. Mike has a knack for asking the perfect questions to really make you think. Mike’s sales skills coupled with his Zigler and Maxwell certifications gives him the tools to help you discover the answers to your business and life questions. Mike’s combination of active listening, empathy, and holding me to task has helped me grow as an executive and a person. I could not recommend Mike more highly as a coach, speaker, trainer, and leader."

Don Manfredi - Principal & Founder, Raindog Management

"I have worked with Mike for three-years. The hidden secret is Mike is omnipresent. His coaching is present 24/7 in my life, by being the invisible conscious reminding me of my goals.  I often catch myself asking 'What would Mike ask me?' Mike’s approach on how to ask the questions and his method of making me do all the thinking is why he is an excellent coach. Mike has the ability to ask powerful questions that I am sometimes afraid to answer. Then, in the middle of the session, I have a moment that I realize I have already faced my fears and have the solution to the problem. Mike makes it comfortable for me as he empowers me as if I did all the work and he was not even around. Not only does he always make time for me, it is worth my time!"

Manu Shahi - CEO Founder of “The Homework Café”

"WOW!! Mike worked with me on a regular basis to assist with implementing new process, addressing organization and helping me with setting personal and business goals. There are not enough words to express the gratitude I have for Mike and his guidance. I feel like I am better at my job, better at looking how to complete tasks in an organized and efficient manner and setting goals, actually a better person all the way around.  As corny as this sounds, Mike really did help me change my life!"

Kelley Meadows - Sr. Office Business Administrator

"Mike helps me navigate the daily decisions that need to be made for my new business. Having the guidance of an exceptional business leader has been invaluable to making the daily and strategic decisions for my business. Mike zeros in on the areas where the most improvement can be made and delivers."

Brock Lahart - CEO Manufacturing Next