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The Back2Work Foundation (B2W) is a 501c3 Charity that was created to assist small to medium-sized companies in rural areas throughout Michigan. During the pandemic, it became apparent that there was plenty of assistance for companies within large cities and metropolitan areas. However, those same services, grants, advocacy, and help were hard to find in the 'outer' areas. Many organizations, such as chambers of commerce, tried to fill those gaps, but many were understaffed and ill-equipped to do so.

Looking at what is needed, whether during a pandemic, recession, or even in a growth economy. The need for assistance with funds, training, and information is a must. Not only does this assistance need to be available, but it needs to be fast and efficient without all the government red tape.

Where do we want to help? Mainly small businesses and entrepreneurs. It is incredible that we can give 18-year-olds $100,000 loans to attend college but can't help them with a $5,000 grant to start a business. Why attend a 4-year university when a 3-day workshop in Tennessee would help you immediately in your business, but you can't afford it?

There is a need to expedite assistance in getting; capital equipment, education, software upgrades, or taking advantage of a new marketing opportunity. If, for example, you are in Western Wayne County and have an idea that you can get off the ground in 90-days, where do you go for help? Yes, you can go to a bank, or the SBA, or look for friends and family to support, but when those avenues take too long, that is where B2W wants to step in.

We aim to raise and give away as much as $100,000 annually. We are running the organization under the umbrella of the Kole Performance Group, so there is virtually no overhead. We aim to keep our administrative expenses to less than 1% of our fundraising totals. That 1% will pay for licensing, accounting, and small IT expenses.


Our first goal is to raise $100,000, so we can start making a difference right away. As mentioned above, B2W is an IRS Approved 501c3 Charity, so all donations are tax-deductible. If you want to donate now, please contact us; at

Coming Soon, Grant Request Forms!