Coaching is about many things.

However, principally it is about change. It is about developing emotional intelligence and conscious awareness.

In business, coaching is a leadership behavior that lies at the opposite end of the spectrum to command and control, and in effect addresses the whole person, not just ‘the role’ and business issues.

Coaching has many benefits, far too many to mention within this document, however one is worth noting:

Forbes, in and article published January 2012, claims that the average ROI on executive coaching is 7 times the investment! With 25% of the clients boasting 10-49 times their investments.

You as the participant in the coaching alliance create and hold the agenda, making every session uniquely designed to serve you.

What are you striving for?
What do you want to achieve?


The process is diverse and expansive. It can cover a breadth of issues, such as dealing with the immediate obstacles that are preventing growth, personal communication and impact as well as building the vision and plan against a life’s dream and goal.

In summary, coaching is about the marriage of a persons’ potential with performance. The context is to allow people to learn rather than teach them.

At the Kole Performance Group we work with you today, to improve your tomorrow utilizing certified coaching techniques.

Coaching Methods

Coaching can be executed in numerous ways such as; in person, over the phone, one on one, or in small groups. I work with whatever is most comfortable & effective for you. I have facilitated coaching both virtually as well as in person, or a combination of both. Having worked with clients in over 22 countries and 44 States, I have learned how to keep my clients on track!  

Learning from others in a Mastermind Group, or One on One, we will work with you today to improve your tomorrow.

One-on-one coaching is the most traditional approach. During our scheduled sessions we work on your goals, what you have achieved, and what hurdles you're encountering. 


1-on-1 Coaching: My Commitments to You

  • I will believe in you completely, and I will know that you can succeed in your aims.
  • I will stretch you, challenge you, and sometimes confront you, but always from a supportive position of service. I will be warm to you, laugh with you and will travel with you as an equal partner in your own success journey.
  • I will be honest, open and non-judgmental.
  • I will help you to achieve all that you can be as long as you stay true to your own best interests.
  • My clients are all ready to create the goals they want in their life, and it is my role to challenge you further than you would normally challenge yourself. My specific purpose is to get you to where you want to be faster than you would do on your own.
  • Everything that passes between us will stay confidential and I will always stand within the standards & ethics under which I have been trained and qualified.
  • Sometimes I will offer you an alternative view of what you are saying. I might hear a certain tone in your voice, or I might sense a fear that you have not noticed. I will always tell you when this happens. I will not insist that you address it – coaching is always about what you It is my job to help you to see what you want to see, not to make you face things that you are not ready to look at.
  • Often, I will ask you to consider going further than you initially think that you are prepared to go. You are always in charge of what action steps you commit to between sessions. If I challenge you (and I almost certainly will) to do something extra at some point, you always have the following options:
    • You can say, “no”
    • You can say, “yes”
    • You can negotiate the request up or down.
  • Be assured that I will be ready for our scheduled meetings; I will be relaxed and ready to go without any of my own circumstances clouding my mind!

Small Group (Mastermind)


You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with (Jim Rohn).  That sparks a question; are you spending time with the right people?  Another way to think about that; if your wealth & success were determined by whom you spent time with, what different things would you do?

Napoleon Hill wrote about this in his famous “Think & Grow Rich” 75-years ago.  Carnegie, Ford, Edison, and others took part in this throughout their entire careers. Hill created the term “Masterminds” to identify the phenomena of what happens when like-minded professionals get together to share problems, successes, and solutions.


"You are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with."
- Jim Rohn

The Kole Performance Group offers a wide variety of Mastermind programs, utilizing John Maxwell’s leadership & Zig Ziglar’s Personal Development programs. Every group will be a group of between 7 and 12, running 6-10 weeks depending on the content. 

Mike Kole will facilitate each of these sessions. As a Certified Trainer and Professor of Leadership and Management, he is equipped with a unique combination of education and practical experience.

New Groups are forming all the time. Check out our Events Page for future dates.

We also facilitate virtual groups, for those of you that are outside the Detroit area!

There are dozens of reasons why you would consider a Mastermind Group. Here are just a few:

  • Form deep lasting relationships with like-minded business men and women
  • Receive valuable input from other businesses that have either gone through a similar issue, or have a different perspective
  • Create a level of accountability that you have never experienced before
  • Limit the loneliness of being a business owner &entrepreneur
  • Work ON your business instead of IN your business

Team Building


Building a team, means improving the communication within that team. The Kole Performance Group has multiple programs that focus on improving communication. Certified by the John Maxwell & Ziglar Organizations, we are equipped to bring you enjoyable and effective programs.

One key program used from small groups, is referred to as the Leadership Game. It is both a game and an assessment of your team. They open up the communication lines, and inside of 2-hours, you will have a more cohesive team with a professional assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.