Why wait until the next class is offered?  No workshops in the area?

Come to this page and get right to work on you. Webinars are the low-cost / no-cost way for you to improve. The selection of webinars will be updated on a regular basis. Scroll down the list, you soon will have access to leadership & personal development tools.  As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, as well as a Ziglar Certified Trainer, I have access to dozens of training opportunities. Take advantage of these from your living room, den, deck, or the beach.


Live to Win - FREE Webinar

In this 30-minute free webinar we answer one of the most asked questions in the personal & professional growth industry!  "What is the fastest way to success?"  Then we give you the tools!

It is the most COMPLETE program ever developed. Why? because it is simple to implement, it helps people understand the sequence of success, and the foundational difference between those who “want to” change their life and those who “actually do” change their life.