Why wait until the next class is offered?  No workshops in the area?

Come to this page and get right to work on you. Webinars are the low-cost / no-cost way for you to improve. The selection of webinars will be updated on a regular basis. Scroll down the list, you soon will have access to leadership & personal development tools.  As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer, Speaker, and Coach, as well as a Ziglar Certified Trainer, I have access to dozens of training opportunities. Take advantage of these from your living room, den, deck, or the beach.


21 Irrefutable Laws (FREE)

This was a free webinar series that I started in late 2017, and completed in early 2018. At the Kole Performance Group we look at add value to you, as conveniently as we can. This was a weekly 10-minute series that was offered free, and covered John Maxwell's 21 Laws!  Take a look at one of the sessions!

CLICK HERE to listen to the most recent replay.

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Goal Setting (Now Only $14.99)

This is the powerful Zig Ziglar Goal Setting & Achievement workshop that millions have gone through!  Learn the power of setting goals, the seven-step process, and the most important question of all when setting and achieving your goals!

Normal price for workshops is between $99 and $149!  Savings are huge, and with this offer you get free unlimited email support from Mike Kole, a Ziglar Certified Trainer!

You can start immediately, but following the link “Start Goal Setting Here” … Pay $14.99, and you will be sent the webinar workbook, and then immediately taken to the goal setting workshop replay.